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Latino-White Disparities in autism diagnosis

Pediatricians and primary care physicians face challenges in treating Latino children likely to receive a diagnosis of autism.

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Bilingual Children are misdiagnosed by monolingual instruments

Recent research indicates that lexical knowledge may be substantially misrepresented when tested using tools not normed for bilingual children.

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Misconceptions around Latino language development still exist

A survey published in Pediatrics revealed that nearly half of the respondents gave advice that goes against expert recommendations.

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"Therapitas provides bilingual therapies to so many of my patients. They are constantly looking to better serve our patients and their families. I appreciate receiving feedback on the progress of my patients and the extra steps they always take to help us provide care as a team."

Amanda Martin, MD

"I'm so thankful for Therapitas. Having access to bilingual therapies is so vital for the health of my patients, so I'm so glad we have Therapitas in our community to help provide these services."

Reid Herbert, MD

"Referring my patients to Therapitas is easy and efficient. I appreciate the open line of communication with the therapist and their partnership in ensuring our patients receive the best care available."

Christy Stewart, APRN

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