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Your child deserves compassionate care from qualified bilingual professionals.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy helps improve speech and language skills along with the ability to understand and follow directions.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps children do the things they want and need to do and addresses delays that make daily tasks difficult.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy helps children who have difficulty with daily activities involving movement and can improve a child’s ability to balance, move, and play.

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Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy targets picky eating, feeding disorders, oral motor delays and disorders, and dysphagia.

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ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is an evidence-based therapy that helps children diagnosed with Autism gain important life skills such as functional communication, daily living, and social behaviors.

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At Therapitas, your child receives expert care from a bilingual team that understands your needs.

About Us

"First of all, we like coming to Therapitas because of all the progress that Gilber has had from when he was little up until now. It is a place that meets all the necessary elements for therapy. They have magnificent attention and therapists who provide excellent services—highly recommend on my behalf."

Gilber Rodriguez Martinez

"My two children are receiving speech therapy, my son is receiving OT as well, both of them have learned so much from their therapists: Lucy, Katie, and Grace. They are the best; they have so much patience with them and are really nice. They've helped them so much to grow and learn to communicate. They love going to therapy every week."

Ariadne Celeste Leon

"At 3 years of age, I found out my son had autism. He didn't know how to talk, had meltdowns, and would get aggressive at times. He started speech therapy. A while after added occupational therapy, and within the year, he made big improvements! With ABA, I saw progress in him within 2 weeks!"

Mom of Patient

"After starting ABA therapy, my son is much better at school! Now he sits for up to 20 minutes working with the teacher, he no longer runs out of the classroom, and his behaviors have improved in understanding. ABA therapy has made a difference in my son's life! Thank you!"

Mom of Patient

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Quality care begins with connection.

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