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We serve our pediatrician partners by keeping them connected with the most recent research about Latino children with developmental delays.

Latino-White Disparities in autism diagnosis

Pediatricians and primary care physicians face challenges in treating Latino children likely to receive a diagnosis of autism.

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Bilingual Children are misdiagnosed by monolingual instruments

Recent research indicates that lexical knowledge may be substantially misrepresented when tested using tools not normed for bilingual children.

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Misconceptions around Latino language development still exist

A survey published in Pediatrics revealed that nearly half of the respondents gave advice that goes against expert recommendations.

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Common Myths of bilingual language development from the American Academy of Pediatrics discusses common myths about bilingual children.

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How to choose an SLP for a bilingual child

Guidance from the American Speech-Language Association describes the appropriate services and skills of SLPs treating bilingual children.

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Difference vs Disorder

Language differences are often misdiagnosed by untrained speech-language pathologists as language disorders leading to unnecessary or detrimental therapeutic interventions.

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